Meridian Corporate Services Limited-


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We are a Company Management company licensed in Anguilla under the Company Management Act 2000.  

We offer a full range of corporate and business services which include:

Company Incorporation  |  Registered Office/Registered Agent Services  |  Corporate Secretarial Services

Local Business Services  |  Nominee Services  |  Mail Forwarding | Trademark Registration | Ship Registration

Real Estate Services in partnership with Island Dream Properties

Heather Wallace
Meridian Corporate Services Ltd
Kamilah House
PO Box 637, Rock Farm
Anguilla, British West Indies

Telephone: (264) 498-2084 or 476-1621 * Fax (264) 497-7891 * Email:


Kamilah House, Rock Farm, Anguilla, British West Indies | (264) 498-2084 or 476-1621